Elevate Addiction Services treats patients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse through its renowned holistic inpatient programs. Multiple locations in beautiful California provide the option of a smaller, more private rehab setting or a larger group – giving you the ability to build more relationships with mentors and support staff.

Each facility allows patients to take full advantage of the beauty of California’s nature and fresh air. Experiential therapy is one of the best ways to start enjoying life again. Patients can enjoy outdoor volleyball, walking or hiking trails, swimming or kayaking and much more!

4 Phases for Success

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs at Elevate teach participants how to protect all areas of their health – mind, body and spirit. In many cases, holistic treatment is considered an alternative type of treatment because it doesn’t follow the traditional 12-step model. Instead, holistic treatment focuses on addressing the individual as a whole instead of focusing on a disease to be put in remission.

Our non-12-step program focuses on the four phases everyone goes through. It starts by cleansing the body of all toxins. This individualized phase is done through a variety of holistic approaches including massage therapy, aromatherapy, sauna sessions and other forms of comforting care.

Phase two focuses on physical healing. Drug and alcohol abuse often leave the body in a weakened state. Through proper nutrition, physical fitness and an introduction to mindfulness, our patients are able to restore their physical strength and self-confidence.

The next step is healing the spirit. Relationships with loved ones, friends and even coworkers are often damaged through prolonged drug or alcohol use. Learning to forgive yourself and resolve the behavioral issues that led to drug or alcohol abuse is an important step in rebuilding and repairing those relationships.

The final phase is aftercare. Everyone who graduates from our program leaves with a well-defined aftercare plan. Returning to your previous life, family and friends may introduce stress back in your life. While better equipped to handle that stress, a strong aftercare plan is critical to long-term success.

Holistic Healing Services

Holistic healing is an understanding that the power that body heals the body. Through proper nutrition, vitamins, exercise and other holistic techniques, we can help aid the healing process and work toward making long-term positive changes. Almost anyone can benefit from holistic treatment programs. The only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to achieve sobriety. We promote holistic healing through a variety of treatment types including:

  • Mindfulness. In our modern society, it is easy to get distracted. Mindfulness is a technique that helps you live in the moment. To focus on what it happening now, to fully engage in an activity or with the people around you and to dismiss the distractions in everyday life are key goals of mindfulness and will help you live a more rewarding life.
  • Yoga. Addiction is an imbalance within yourself. Yoga integrates the mind, body and spirit to restore balance and ground the individual. By remaining still and focusing the mind on your breathing, you begin to feel all parts of the body. This practice emphasizes the mind, body and spirit connection and instill an alertness and relaxation – which allows you to respond to influences with a clear mind instead of impulsiveness.
  • Much like yoga, meditation focuses on breathing techniques to calm the mind and keep you living in the moment. By changing your breathing patterns, you will notice an increase in energy, improved concentration and decrease in stress.
  • Nutrition Awareness. Proper eating provides the body with essential nutrients and helps to increase energy levels and alertness. In our society, unhealthy eating is the norm. This can produce an unbalance in blood sugar or cause cravings and irritability. The resulting feeling of sluggishness and lack of motivation could trigger a relapse. Through education on nutrition, our clients learn what the body needs to remain healthy, focused and full of energy.
  • Massage Therapy. Therapeutic massage helps to relax the body and aids in the detoxification process. Physical, emotional and mental well-being are all directly impacted by the healing power of therapeutic touch. Massages assist in blood circulation, reducing stress and tension, and easing chronic pain.
  • Aromatherapy involves the use of essentials oils to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. It is known to help with relaxation, mental clarity, alleviating withdrawal symptoms and improve sleep.
  • Physical Fitness. Physical fitness helps recovery in many ways including rebuilding physical strength and building self-confidence through completing goals. Working out releases endorphins in the brain and help you feel better, be more alert and have more energy. A common side effect of addiction is an inability for the brain to naturally produce those endorphins. Physical fitness not only helps to restore physical strength, but to also restore the body’s ability to produce endorphins naturally.

For more information on our multi-phase process, contact us.